Child Maltreatment

The Promise of Prevention

This short documentary tells the story of a child maltreatment survivor. Burdened with the trauma of her past, she strives to become the mother she always wanted to be for her child. As she works to break the cycle of abuse in her family, viewers also learn about the power of prevention.

Take Flight

Take Flight is motion graphic that orients and frames the issue of Child Maltreatment as a public health issue.

Child Maltreatment is a Public Health Issue.

It’s not a problem in my community.

We don’t physically abuse our kids, so they’re not maltreated.

These are just a few child maltreatment myths that keep us from seeing how child maltreatment affects all of us; and sometimes it’s what we don’t do for our children that can cause the most harm.

This microsite was created to support state health departments in efforts to promote the health and well-being of children through programs and services that enhance family resiliency and foster positive child development.

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