Heads Up to Parents

We created this motion graphic that covered instruction on proper helmet fit. 

We created an app for easy access to all the information needed to help parents recognize and respond to concussion and other serious brain injuries.


  • Helmet Selection
  • Brain Injury Basics
  • Safety Tips
  • Danger Signs
  • and more!

We live in a world that values resilience and perseverance in the face of pain.

This is most evident in sports as even young athletes are encouraged to “get back into play” after a fall. But you can’t “tough it out” through a concussion without putting your health in danger. Heads Up to Parents was designed to educate parents about how to spot the warning signs of concussion and respond to injury.

Professional athletes, whose careers have been compromised because they decided to “tough it out,” share their experiences while coaches and medical experts explain what can be done to minimize the risk. This learning is supported by student and parent testimonials.

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