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Great Banyan Bosses

It’s Boss’s Day, and though the holiday is traditionally one where employees appreciate their supervisors, we would like to do things a little differently. As a company, we would like to recognize a few members of our team who wear many hats, including those of “boss.” Since stepping into new positions this June, our Team […]

With Gratitude

My father recently came across a letter in his father’s briefcase dated January 1921. It was addressed to a Mr. Deval in Plumstead, London and was sent from the Army Records Office in England.  It reads: James Deval was my grandfather’s half-brother and was in the Royal Artillery during World War I. Like so many other […]

Remembering Adrienne

It was an astonishingly ugly shirt. “It cost one dollar at a thrift shop,” Adrienne told me excitedly and with a big smile on her face.  She held it up with both hands so that all I could see of her face were two dancing eyes peeking above it.  The shirt was bright red and had […]

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time of year for giving thanks.  That’s such an active phrase, isn’t it?  Giving thanks.  And yet, the way we typically express it is more introspective than that…a silent moment of gratitude in between fork-fulls of turkey and dressing!  A feeling watching the news at night that we’re so lucky to be […]