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Five St. Louis Office Myths

  Given our recent investigation into how much the Internet Loves Numbered Lists, we figured you might be interested in another one. Whether you know us well or we’ve just recently met you, here’s a little insight into what’s true – and not so much – about how we roll in STL. 1.   We’re […]

5 Leadership Lessons

Gleaned from the Cardinals-Dodgers divisional series, these lessons apply to just about any organization: big or small, well known or under-the-radar, sports-oriented or public health-focused. 5. Great contributions can come from anywhere The first run of the divisional series came in the top of the first inning, courtesy of a home run by rookie outfielder […]

Hidden Benefits to Inefficient Parking

An epic challenge began 15 weeks ago. It set the brave on a vast journey to push themselves to their limits. It demanded time, sacrifice, sweat, and endurance. At times it was taxing and grueling. But more was at stake than a simple challenge; eternal bragging rights held in the balance. The 2014 Wellness Challenge, […]

Life of an Activity Tracker

Dear New Recruits, Thank you for dedicating your talents toward helping others less fortunate: in this case the species we have come to call “humanity.” As you know the humans are much different than us. Unlike us, they do not run off a single battery that can simply be recharged when needed but rather a […]

8 Things We Learned in 48 Hours

A group of Banyanites recently joined with friends to enter the 48 Hour Film Project in St. Louis. Here’s some insights from the making of their award-winning* film: Assemble – Can I really get along with this guy? You’re going to spending a lot of time together over the next couple days.  Temperament and stress-management skills […]

Exercising for Charity: The 2014 Wellness Challenge

More is at stake than waistlines, exercise minutes, and eternal bragging rights this year in the Banyan Wellness Challenge.  The biggest winner hopes to be families in need, as the challenge raises money for local Atlanta and St. Louis food banks. With family members joining the fray, our 15- week challenge boasts: 28 participants Collective […]