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Eat Well

If there’s one thing everyone at Banyan can agree on – including the Office Dog – it’s that good food is amazing. As part of our creating healthy Change for Good Challenge, the teams in ATL and STL came together for our “Wellness Wednesdays.” We shared exercise tips and tricks over lunches comprised of healthy […]

Be Healthy from the Start

Welcome to National Public Health Week 2014! We’re delighted to support this initiative of the American Public Health Association, and hope you’ll help us raise awareness too. Today’s theme: “Be Healthy from the Start.” Check out the prevention tips below and share with others! Learn more about the significance of the week and how you can […]


As we usher in a new year, we’re taking stock of everything that made 2013 fantastic (as well as those lessons learned)—and all we have to look forward to in 2014. Resolutions. Just the idea of making them is associated with lofty ambitions and then weeks or months (or days) later, unfulfilled goals, the “I’ll […]

Twitter + Government

I recently had the opportunity to attend a social media session hosted by the Small Business Government Communicators Network in Washington, DC. Banyan joined the network not too long ago, and it was my first opportunity to meet others involved in the group. I was intrigued by the session, which was hosted by Peter Greenberger, […]

Thank You, Veterans

My family tree is dotted with those who have served our country: An uncle who was a pilot after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy. A grandfather who served in World War II. Another in Korea. I remember interviewing my grandfather about his time as a medic in Korea for a project, part of my […]

Celebrating the Season

Fall is my favorite time of year – I love the cooler weather, the wide range of pumpkin-flavored stuff, and of course – chili! Not long after joining the Banyan family last fall, I took a trip to St. Louis to meet the rest of the team. It just so happened my visit coincided with […]

Social Media Storytelling

Facebook was born the same year I moved to Boston. While earning my master’s degree at Boston University, Mark Zuckerberg was across the river in Cambridge working on the idea that would fundamentally change how we connect and interact with one another culturally, virtually, and around the world. Since then, I’ve gone on to manage […]

Challenge 105 Spotlight

Erica Wenick hit the ground running with our second challenge. So we decided to put her in the spotlight, in order to learn more about how she’s creating healthy change for good! A few words about me: I am a graphic designer at Banyan Communications. Why are you participating in Banyan’s Challenge 105? Mainly because […]

Healthy Change for Good

“Put your money where your mouth is.” “Walk the talk.” “Actions speak louder than words.” We’ve all heard these, right? It’s one thing to say you’re going to do something. But actually doing it? Entirely different. This week marks the start of our second Banyan Wellness Challenge. Our first round – which took place over 12 weeks […]