Looking Up | 5 Life Lessons from an Office Dog

1. Supply + Demand

There is only one of me and more than a dozen humans at the St. Louis office. And let’s face it: you’d rather be petting and hugging me than talking with your co-workers. That means I can afford to be picky and choosy with who I let spend time with me.

2. Persistence Pays Off

After five years of begging and looking longingly at Jared while he ate his lunch, he finally gave me his leftover pizza crust. Win. Doughnuts aren’t too shabby either – case in point:


3. One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

I’m Another. A day at the office is never complete without two patrols through all the trashcans. Every. Single. One. You’d be amazed at the great, edible-ish things I’ve found.

4. Walk It Out

One of the biggest services I offer is stress relief – usually in the form of a nice walk around the office. During proposal season, the staff lines up to take turns walking me. They’re so stressed I get to walk all the time. It’s great!

5. Top Dog

There’s a reason it’s not “top cat.” I’m in it to win it. Other dogs – and even a bird – have come and gone as office staples, but I’ve proven that I’m here to stay. At this point, I don’t even think Tori’s horse could stop me (Lulu – this is not a challenge. Please stay home; your barn needs you).