Protecting Brains with the Power of 3D

Sports-related concussion seems to be a constant topic in mainstream and social media. The conversation is happening at all levels of sports, from the highest paid professional leagues all the way down to youth sports. Many parents are looking for answers to questions such as:

“How can I know that I’m doing everything I can to help keep my child safe in their sport?”
Banyan partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and recently launched a mobile application that addresses this question and equips parents with tools and information about brain injury and brain safety.

Helmet Fit

The core experience of the app is a guided 3D walkthrough that demonstrates proper helmet fit for a variety of helmet types. Each helmet is fully explorable and beautifully rendered in 3D. The step-by-step guide walks parents through proper fit, care, and maintenance to ensure these helmets have the best possible chance to do what they were designed to do… help prevent brain injuries.

The 3D format really helps parents see, explore, and understand proper fit for each helmet and overlays are added on top of the models to provide extra labels, hints, and context.

Brain Injury Basics

Because brain injuries aren’t 100% preventable, we’ve included easy-to-read articles about Brain Injury Basics. These include the definition of concussion, signs and symptoms, as well as what to expect on the road to recovery. Throughout the articles, you’ll find real stories of teens who have experienced brain injury. You’ll also find ways to get involved in educating those around you about brain safety.

We are very proud to be part of bringing such a great tool to life. This streamlined and exploratory experience is intuitive, and the immersive 3D content is a leap forward in the space of government-sponsored apps. Banyan is working on more applications in the mobile space and we hope to share those soon!

In the meantime, we hope you’ll check out the CDC HEADS UP Concussion and Helmet Safety app and see for yourself! (Android version is set to ship soon.) And while you’re at it, please share with others and help kids protect their brain!