National Men's Health Week

Health Challenge | Men’s Edition

Tired of continually being outdone by their female counterparts, the Men of Banyan are taking on a special one-week challenge, starting today. Each day, the Men of Banyan will take on a new quest based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s suggestions for National Men’s Health Week.

So, what will we be doing? Triathlons? Mountain climbing? Bench-pressing small cars? Not that we couldn’t do these things, but for us, the point is that you don’t need to do extreme things in order to have a healthy lifestyle and make smart choices.

With that in mind, we present five challenges to overcome and invite men across the nation to join us on our epic quest:

Monday: Go Fry-less
We guys love our french fries and potato chips, so today our challenge will be swapping those out for a salad or veggies.


Tuesday: Toss a Ball 
There’s nothing like throwing the ball around to get in a little activity and unclog the mind.


Wednesday: Go Soda-less
For an entire day, we will deprive ourselves of not only soda, but other sugary beverages (including energy drinks) as well.


Thursday: Walk
Drum up an excuse to walk today. Park farther away from the office or grocery store than you have to – or just go for a walk.


Friday: Relax
Stress and lack of sleep can lead to health problems…so remember to give your heart a break and get back to the real meaning of “weekend.”