Behind the Winners | Art + Edit

The Tellys recently honored three Banyanites with speciality awards that highlight specific creative contributions to digital products and videos. Unlike other awards, there are no “categories” within the Speciality Awards (nonprofit, government, social responsibility, etc.) which means all submissions are judged together.

STRYVE – Outstanding Art Direction


“By speaking with those working in the field, we felt we needed to help translate their passion and commitment to a site that could support others starting out on their youth violence prevention journey,” Project Manager Liz Ferguson recalls. “People like them are the true heroes of the work and we wanted the site to reflect that.”

Art Director Erica Wenick was no stranger to this idea, having worked on digital tools for youth violence prevention efforts for the past four years. “Clarity is the key to functional design. I knew initially that I wanted to create a really clear user path that offered several unique ways to access information,” she recalled. “I believe we were able to create a unique web platform that was visually striking while serving our main goal of equipping these hard-working practitioners and their tireless efforts.”

20 Years in 60 Seconds – Outstanding Video Editing

As part of Banyan’s yearlong 20th Anniversary celebration, Editor Tori Mauch took on the challenge of condensing Banyan’s history of products and projects into a one-minute video. “Cutting to music can be much more mathematical than emotional because everyone hears music differently,” Tori recalled. “So we decided to edit more toward the metronome than the emotion. But as you can see, while the technical approach may not have been very emotional, the experience of watching the video is.”

“Tori did a wonderful job of capturing the breadth and depth of our work over the last 20 years,” Marketing Director Erica Mizelle said. “It’s an evolution of which we can—and should—be very proud.”

Fence vs. Ambulance – Outstanding Art Direction

After speaking with practitioners in the field and subject matter experts, it became increasingly important that the Banyan team paint primary prevention in a way people could relate to and understand. The inspiration: an 18th century poem that uses the metaphor of a fence for prevention.

“With the art direction, I wanted to hold onto the time period in which the poem was written because it immediately frames the message as a piece of wisdom,” Art Director Bill Marchant explained. “But, at the same time, I tried to enhance it with a modern/contemporary style to show that it is still as relevant as ever in our world today.”

“Motion graphic videos tend to be so rich, layered, and dense that they sometimes lose a connection to humanity,” Creative Director Jacob Heberlie explained. “We saw an opportunity to do something more cinematic with this piece. All of the choices we made for the shot composition and depth of illustration really brought a great reality to it.”

More to Come?

When asked if the team would pursue other opportunities to highlight the various skills at work on a given Banyan project, the answer was a resounding “yes.”

“We truly believe our work is some of the best available in this space and we recognized an opportunity to demonstrate that,” Erica Mizelle said. “By competing in this way, our work went up against some big, commercial projects. It gave us a chance to show that even small teams like ours—when dedicated to great causes—can also produce great work.”