20-year sapling

Our New Mark: 20 Years of Growth

It’s an exciting day. Today, we unveil a new mark for Banyan Communications.

Over the past several years our company has grown. We’ve developed new services, brought in new people. And in many ways, we had outgrown our previous mark. Our 20th anniversary has given us the opportunity to update our mark to reflect the company that we’ve become.

Now, I’m happy to officially introduce you to the new visual mark that will carry Banyan Communications forward.

The new mark is simple and elegant… and has been designed by our best visual designers to be used within a system.

Let me tell you about a few of the little details that make this mark special.

1) It respects the past (trunk)

The Trunk: After 20 years our sapling is all grown up. The trunk is a minimized element in the new mark, mature and thick. Inside each ring represents a year of our history. We have realized the potential in the sapling and it reflects a reality of 20 years of growth. We honor the original trunk (storytelling & filmmaking) with a shadow.

2) We are Banyan…literally (letterforms)

Letterforms: Our company and the Banyan tree have a similar growth pattern. This unique tree system expands by sprouting new trunks.; similar to how we have brought more people and services into the company. We have added: strategy, engineering, research, and design. The letterforms represent the people and services we provide – We are “banyan” in a very literal way.

3) Our work is our product (canopy)

Canopy: The rectangle above is referred to as the “canopy” and represents our work. The collective output of our company is the work that we put out into the world that inspires change for good; The Banyan tree works together to push out many tiny leaves that are visible as a mass (the tree canopy) from a distance.

So that’s the new logo.

It’s a more accurate depiction of who we are as a company. We’ve grown beyond a 20-year-old sapling into an elegant and more readable mark. It respects the past, it represents us…and our work in a very literal and meaningful way…

So the next time you come across a Banyanite, congratulate them on the 20-year mark… oh, and ask for a new business card, they are really cool!