Happy Birthday, Banyan!

I still remember meeting our president, Sally, at a client meeting not long after I joined CDC in 2008. I didn’t follow a typical path into public health – I more or less stumbled into the field, a burned-out local reporter looking for a way to parlay my journalism skills into another profession. Through a connection with a former roommate, I landed a media relations / health communications gig at the agency.

One of the first projects I took on introduced me to Banyan.

I didn’t realize companies like Banyan existed before joining CDC. I remember coming home from work and telling my husband, “I met the most interesting women today, who are at the helm of a really fascinating company. How do I get there? On that side of the work?”

A couple of years ago, I finally figured it out. And as luck would have it, it’s kind of an awesome place to be.

It’s not perfect, but I don’t think any worthwhile opportunity ever truly is. Working with creative folks spread across two offices in two different states certainly presents its fair share of challenges. But it also provides incredible opportunities, not least among them work on a wide-array of interesting projects with some truly wonderful people.

Not to mention the fine fortune of celebrating one heck of a birthday. But what’s a birthday celebration if you do it all alone? So we’ll be having our cake – and eating it with you – all year long.

Party favors in development include:

  • An interactive timeline of our work and growth over the last 20 years
  • Our best effort to highlight 20 years in 60 seconds
  • Orange out! (you’ll just have to stay tuned)
  • Celebrating Change for Good
  • Our most massive community service event in company history
  • A fun, new way of honoring the people who are Banyan (allowing you to get to know each of us a bit better)

We hope you’ll check back here often for updates.  It isn’t – and would’ve never been – a party without you.