Long. Strange Trip

Celebrating 20 Years

1995 to 2015…that’s 20 years. That’s the time it takes for a child to grow to adulthood – and for a small creative firm to grow into a robust health communications agency.  And, as Jerry Garcia is credited with saying, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.” 

On January 1st, 1995, Banyan basically consisted of two staff; one client; one dog; 800 square feet of office space; one computer (with no Internet); a box of print-your-own business cards; and a single passion for creating “change for good.”

That’s the humble beginnings of how Banyan came to be.  Committed and passionate people (some said crazy) who were willing to leave their established careers in marketing and filmmaking – to risk forming a new company committed to “change communication.” A business created with the optimistic hope to enhance people’s lives through responsible and creative media …crazy, right?

Since those small beginnings we have worked hard and stayed focused; gained a broad range of clients and experiences; greatly expanded our staff, capabilities, and skillsets; won lots and lots of awards for our work; and managed to stay motivated by our mission – to create change for good.

This leads us to where we are today. In 2015, the Banyan team now has 30+ staff and works from two office locations (St. Louis and Atlanta).  We are honored to work with a broad range of government and nonprofit clients and regularly provide services that we could have only dreamed of back in 1995.

(In fact, if someone had told us back then that someday everyone would be carrying around powerful computer phones in their pockets – we would have looked at them as if they’d told us aliens had just landed on the front lawn!)

That’s all about where we’ve been and where we are now.  But the really interesting part of the Banyan story is where we’re going.

Throughout the year of our 20th anniversary we’ll be sharing some very cool new products, specialized skills, and innovative communications solutions – as well as highlighting our sensational new staff – all of which we will roll out over the course of the next 12 months.

And while 1995 to 2015 has been a thrilling and rewarding journey for Banyan – we’re even more excited about our plans for the future.

All we can say is – hold on to your hats, folks.  It’s going to be quite a ride!