The Abominable Holiday Card (or Yeti ‘Nother Blog Post)

As things tend to go around here in the creative department, we refuse to settle for the easy option. If we want to get a message across, we’re going to get it across the Banyan way. Same goes for spreading a little holiday cheer. There’s your standard “Happy Holidays!” or “Merry Christmahanakwanzika!”

And then there’s the Banyan way….

The idea started off pretty simple: “Let’s send out a holiday card!”

HolidayCard-2014-BThen, the idea grew:

“Well, let’s do another version…a funny one.”

“Sure…how do you feel about yetis?!”

“I’m for them!  How do you feel about puns!?”

“I dig puns!”


Then it became:

“What if we combined the two cards and animated it…!?!?”


So, we did all three. I mean, why not?

We hope you enjoy each one.