My Change For Good Journey

Over the holidays I decided it was time to push myself. Time to do something I have long been interested in but have always been a little afraid to do.  So, in early January I signed up for my first half-marathon.  What made me think this was a good idea?  To be honest, I wasn’t sure at the time.

As it turns out, training for a half-marathon provides some (ok, a LOT) of alone time to think.

So now, three months into the journey, I’ve figured out some of the reasons why:

Small Steps, Big Difference

I’ve always exercised but go through periods of laziness.  Last year Banyan introduced Wellness Wednesdays and a 10-week wellness challenge.  It really helped me focus on doing a little more each day.


My running shoes: with me every step of the way.

It may sound cliché but I have realized some wonderful benefits to running long distances: feeling strong, feeling accomplished, enjoying the neighborhoods around our beautiful city, and watching spring in Atlanta slowly emerge.

Runner’s High

Is it real?  No consensus there but I do feel really good after mile four (sadly seems to end after mile seven).

Support System

When I first mentioned wanting to run, my husband immediately agreed to do this with me.  We trained together, supported each other and got in better shape.  My father and sisters check in regularly to see how training is going.  My colleague and project partner Erica provided me with some easy-to-follow training schedules and supportive comments and helpful tips along the way.  The encouragement keeps me motivated.

Walking the Talk

Banyan Communications promises to promote public health practices and create change for good.  It isn’t just a job; it is a mission and a commitment, both professionally and personally.

Over the past year at Banyan we have worked together to promote health and wellness, support our communities, and encourage and support each other. This journey is my personal change for good.  What’s yours?